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Thought Process | Cinematography | Video Editing | Animation | Experimental

This short-experimental film was done for a quick project during my time at Lawrence Technological University. The true meaning and purpose of this short only correlates with me and my journey in life I have taken this far (2013). The countdown symbolizes the inevitability returning home when I not only felt unsafe but also unacceptance due to rising conflicts. The royalty-free music playing has such powerful lyrics and they resonated with me at that time in life; the song states, "Back home, they don't know me." This driving message pertains to me on the dwelling face that the people back home either don’t like, know me and they think I am too different for them now because of who I am. It honestly took me by surprised on the people you thought were the closest turned out to one day not existing. Most people don’t have to think twice about going home, that it’s just something natural to do but for some, like myself I use to struggle with going home. Other elements within the piece include the lights and signals that represented my indecisiveness, which mirrored itself throughout the video. As this video is relatively old I have overcome these issues and the situations in life have drastically improved. In such a short period of time I learned to drive myself and push through struggling times because it is what makes me a better person in the end.

Royalty Free-Track: The Way She Moves