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Delusion is a short experimental film that explores sound, light, time, and space. The basic concept is to make the user shift their thoughts and beliefs on what he or she thinks they know of a symbol represented in the film. This symbol constantly reappears throughout the video during so the mood of the visuals and audio is constantly changing. This allows the viewer to develop a sense of awareness, in relation to the symbol, visual, sound and time. The viewer’s perception of the symbol is meant to change and possibly deepen the longer it is displayed; as the timeline progress of the film, the viewer beliefs and thoughts of the video would be forever changing. The films beginning, middle, and end all have different perceptions on what the icon correlates with.

This piece originally was made for the purpose of an installation piece, ‘Input_1’ that I created during my senior thesis course. It was also recycled several times for other installations, ‘Window-Galla’ and ‘Block Sheet.’ These images would be projected through multiple types of media (Projector/Flat Screen/Tube television) and sometimes filtered through a diffuser to keep the visuals mysterious. This experimental film transitioned the atmosphere of the installation spaces by taking an ordinary bland travel area and transforming it into an emotional, mood changing place.