While during my studies at Lawrence Technological University I got the opportunity to be the Graphic Designer for WellnessMats/Smart Step, a luxurious floor accessory company. Given my wide range of experience and abilities around the camera and green screen, I quickly absorb both the photographer as well as the videographer roles at the company. This fire within me did not stop there and shortly after graduating I got promoted to the Assistant Creative Director and was managing a small team of designers with the lead of the new Creative Director. My marketing team and I reshaped the companies focus and marketing strategy through a multitude of changes in branding, advertising, social media output, new product designs, and launching several new divisions – the most prominent being PetMats. The new focus and divisions came about with re-targeting current and new audiences to capture new leads and boost sales; which led to the doubling of the margins as well as the size of the company to the point of relocation of the offices.

Each new brand and product required extensive research, brainstorming, experimenting and efficient understanding of design as well as the market/competitors. Partnerships grew more as time went on, which led us to reach new markets; Bed Bath & Beyond, Cutco, Doctor’s Associates Inc. (Sub-Way), Frontgate, General Motors, Mopar, and Target to name a few. To contribute and witness the growth of the team, company as well as our design output was beyond satisfying.


When starting off as the photographer position, I schedule shoots with trainers and products in our in-house studio. These photos ranged from the product use, product displays and color matching with different sets of lighting to make sure the atmosphere was correct for each product line. The best photoshoot I got to take part in was the PetMats shoot, where it took place at multiple on-site locations. Here are a few of these images that was captured by the team I was working with. The primary focus of these images was capturing the animals use of the product and that the animals were enjoying their time with the product. It was important to have the correct lighting in the scenes during the shoot so that when working with the RAW images in post we could match the color, pigment and designs to different mats with a few clicks. The most interesting shoot that I led was when I was at a animal rehab center and took photos and videos of a Donkey (not shown here).



Just as stated above, the importance of matching the colors, pigments and patterns to the real-life product were; that if we got back to the office and the images were not usage in multiple ways it limited the potential and value of the work we just did. The freedom in the digital space was a must to use the imagery in the vase amount of advertising WellnessMats did as well as the promotions. I spent a plethora of time in our photo studio taking close ups as well as extreme high-resolution images of the products in different lighting so color matching could be possible for future use. The real-life productions needed to match the on-screen and in-prints products to elevate any potential confusion or misconceptions when the buyers or partnerships were ordering their product due to the vase quantity of colors we provided.