Digital_Crash is an experimental animated short that was done to reflect on a failed internship experience I had. The reason for it being such a short clip is because that’s exactly how short it felt. During this period in life, my life was going through a rough patch and the first manager knew that and allowed me to work off-site. However, during my time there, there was a management shift and the new management cleaned out the interns who were working. Taking for granted what we all contributed to the overall team and probably not knowing what we all did they cut us without warning. After a long reflect I decided to create this video as my experience, elements throughout the video represent something different. Waves of lots of data meant the different workloads, warning meaning the issues in my life that were out of my control, as well as the booting, crashing and reconnecting portions. The reconnecting portion of the short was done because during the final meeting before I was let go, I was told I could return after they sorted some things out, two to three weeks they said. Though on my return I was told I was not needed because they went ahead and filled all positions with new people. Just one of many experiences I have encountered in the art and design realm.