This experimental short was done by me in response to the ongoing struggle as well as conflicts I was facing at the time in my journey through life. Back in 2013, life was extremely unstable for me; Counting down everyday and the feeling of inevitability of the issues arising again and again. To break down this video piece to better understand you must take every element and dissect it. “Back home, they don’t know me;” symbolizes how much I have grown apart from people that I use to call my friends and family. Learning that people come and go in your life is perfectly okay, however, at the time it was a concept that I struggled with tremendously. Another element that consistently appears throughout the video are the lights and signaling, this represents the indecisiveness and constant rethinking I use to do. Mirroring itself is the constant reflection of whether or not the correct decision was made.

As this video has now been dated I have grown as a person and I can tell you that they were indeed the right choices, that I have overcome these issues and situations that are strongly represented in this video. Learning to always drive myself to be a better person as well as do better work wherever I am.