ADVENT is not an average music application. Originally conceived back in 2012, before Spotify was common in the digital steaming service. This digital music streaming application was designed with local, not-so-well-known artist in mind with the hopes of giving them the spotlight. Being more than just a music database, this application would lift an up in the public eye next to the ‘bigger’ well-known names in the music industry. Featuring new artist every time you open the application while also giving the user leader boards (Trends) to see and listen to the top songs. This application also allowed users to view and listen to the top songs in a specific location using the Local tab and searching their desired zip code. Like other streaming services now-a-days this application would allow the user to create their own playlists and track their own personalize music choices; giving the user to ability to upload their own licensed music for others to hear.

ADVENT (ad-vent)


  • The arrival or coming of something.