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Passion is a necessity for anything I do in life; allowing me to achieve my goals and overcome the challenges presented to me. The main goal of any new position I take is to increase the market value of that company and expand my knowledge. My work history has provided me with experience in graphic design, video editing, camera working, coding, and networking. If I had the opportunity to join your company, I sincerely believe my passion and experience would take us both to new heights.

My Résumé

Lawrence Technological University | Cum Laude Graduate
Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
Minor in Media Communication: Focus in Film
Minor in Interaction Design: Focus in Web

Lead Digital Media Designer | Lead Graphic Designer | Web Developer
Mammoth Digital | CLVR | Digital Data Marketing Agency | 2017 - 2018
Leading and managing the creative direction from concept to completion designs for wide magnitude of clientele, as well as our internal branding/marketing | Collaborate closely with a nationwide team on projects ranging from website mock-ups, branding standards, logos, social media projects, photography, videography, animation, marketing collateral, campaigns, and data reporting | Work directly with our Senior Web Developer with site conception, construction, management, transferring, and content migration; while also finding ways to push our design methods to new limits | Oversee the marketing campaigns and designs created for clients social media feeds while assisting the Client Care Specialist | Aiding our Director of Analytics to create, redefine and polish our client’s search engine optimization (SEO) and Meta Data Descriptions across all online presences | Lead discussions on ideas to conceptualize designs within team meetings for Mammoth and clientele projects | Coordinate work between marketing team members | Senior Web Developer, Social Media Coordinator, Director of Analytics, Director of Client Communications, and Clientele Specialist | Create presentations with marketing data for clients to understand what the future holds while explaining our artistic approach, styling, and new ideas; Presenting our ideas as the solution for their issues | Review all outgoing projects to ensure clients brand standards and our visual communication are met through proper design elements, while ensuring the output of the highest quality designs | Worked with partnered companies to output the highest quality of design | Television commercials, radio spots, and other publications
Motion Graphics Designer | Graphic Media Designer
Kiewit Building Group | The Creative Group | 2016 - 2017
Designed and rendered modern-styling motion graphics - from lower thirds, transitions, titles, footers and video appearances | Partnered with Film Pharm to expand the marketing design team and created seamless top-notch videos sequences for our 2016/2017 District Meeting | Received video/photography/audio footage from freelance designers/videographers and employees all around the world at different job sites and districts | Brought together all the different videos/photos/audio and cut/edit it into one single appearing video reel | Reviewed footage to filter legal and safety regulations before submitting to the legal team and upper management | Tasked to stay within ‘free-range’ while maintaining the strict corporate branding guidelines | Created presentation templates for PowerPoint Slides and PDF formatting which were used for all corporate branches | Worked with a wide range of departments across the globe, making communication key when producing videos and presentations for the company | Independently and collectively aided on a vast multitude of projects from non-profit organizations, business and private sector companies, as well as security clearance government related agencies
Graphic Media Designer | Assistant Creative Director
Smart Step | WellnessMats Marketing Department | 2015 - 2016
Collaborated with a team to coordinate designs across five different departments while working directly with the CEO and branch managers | Brainstormed with the marketing team to create upcoming campaigns, new branding, and potential marketing methods for the upcoming season | Composed photos and videos on and off location for in-house use across all departments | Edited personal/stock photos for specific brand needs while also using green screen for our video shoots | Aided in the creation of a company branch; PetMats, and rebranded other branches within the parent company | Smart Step | Designed, produced and launched new products through a series of product pitches, mock ups, branding, copyright forms, product designs, product sheets, campaigns, and edited product photos | Partnered with Frontgate, Doctor’s Associates Inc., Cutco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Mopar: expanding the companies reach to new consuming markets with new specialized branded products to maximize profit margins
Freelance Creative Designer
Maddie Million Design | 2011 - Present
Create branding standards regularly for clients | Mock-up clients requests, from webpages, logos, animations, concept art, and branding guidelines | Code webpages for live use | Create marketing collateral for non-profits around Southern Michigan | Illustrate images for local authors and social media clients | Assist with small-budget films pulling on my experience from being a producers assistant, lighting and audio technician, and camera aid | Utilize my own methods and techniques while doing onset video and photography shoots to create breath-taking compositions | Adapting to multiple clients’ needs while remaining independently stable and presenting new art directions | Choreographed specific sequences for clients and composed special events to the clients needs | Managed several artist groups/organizations while aiding them into apprenticeships while assisting them in client outreach
Graphic Design Assistant
College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Tech. Univ. | 2014 - 2015
Designed and managed different art pieces for the university with exceptional short turnarounds | Drafted several floor plans for our new and ever-growing facilities | Reviewed and organized designs from the other designers within the department to create a more efficient work flow | Grew the creative freedom within the small team to bring new art directions that were not otherwise brought up | Expanded the ideas of the department advisors and Dean through my creative work allowing them to reach new audiences/prospects
Graphic Coordinator
International Broke Student Film Festival (IBSFF) | 2012 - 2015
Collaborated with a board committee throughout the entire design process | Coordinated advertisements across social media outlets such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. | Created and printed promotional pieces for weekend long events | Produced designs ranging from brochures, identification cards, tags, wayfinding, posters, and other marketing collateral for the events | Judged and reviewed the submitted films while giving critical feedback for the producers and crews of the films that were presented in the events
Production Assistant
Grimly Studios & Ten Eighty INC. | 2013
Prepared lighting, audio, and camera equipment for a TruTV pilot, “Pubs Across America” | Aided Grimly Studio & Ten Eighty INC. on several different productions with their cameras, audio and lighting | Assisted in-studio and off-site productions | Shadowed production leads, learning the nuances of working on a live set | Ensured that all the necessary equipment and supplies were accounted for in order to make the productions run smoothly

Mac OS | Windows 7/8/10 | Adobe Creative Suites | Creative Cloud | Photoshop | Lightroom | Illustrator | InDesign | Dreamweaver | Bridge | Reader | Acrobat | After Effects | Premiere Pro | Media Encoder | Cinema 4D | Studio Pro 4 | Codex | ATOM | HTML5 | CSS | PHP | jQuery | WordPress | AutoCAD | 3DMax | Maya | Microsoft Office 365 | Word | PowerPoint | Excel | Publisher | Outlook | Google Apps | Darkroom | Wet Lab | Film | Processing | Photography | Digital Imagining | Videography | Concept Art | Storyboarding | Design Research | Design/Visual Communication | SEO | Meta Data | Trends | Art Direction | Original Designs | Team Management | Timeline Management

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