“Title here” by Charlie White was an exploration into the world of collage artwork which takes the viewer on an adventure from start to finish.

“collage can make meaning—in an atmosphere now dense in remixes, mash-ups, and shuffles—will be very different than it was in crises past.”

These Collage artist utilize items from photography and advertisements to create their work; most pieces tended to be created for shock value as well as take a stance on key political issues of the time. whether it is in the 60s-70s cold war era or even more recently with the occurrence of terrorist attacks or the recent financial crisis. These pieces tended to shed light on issues and make bold statements.

Eventually, as time progressed so did technology; digital cameras, internet and social media and with them introduced a new method of collaging. However with the rise of these technologies the messages of the works of art became more personal and have more meaning to individuals rather than the common public.

New method of collaging with the aid of computers was also known as “cut and paste.” Referencing from covers of books, binders and lockers of students became a breeding ground for personal collages. These can also be found all over social media; not however in the abstract sense they use to be done in but by selfies and other means of imagery.

With the new era of technology came the new method of marketing, which collages in marketing are used to target specific audiences to potential capture a click, a share, a lead, or a sale, etc.

Personal Favorites

A few of my personal collages from 2014. View all at the bottom of the page.

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